GL Partnership

Anne D. Grandin,Artist/Thomas Larson, Architect, FAAR Announce the Formation of the GL Partnership.

The GL Partnership is a way to solve your artistic problems by bringing together art and architecture. Free estimates for murals, paintings for architectural spaces, design concepts and all graphic problems.

Thomas Larson, FAAR brings to the partnership architectural skills. A semi-retired architect, he enjoyed an international practice in the Mediterranean Basin. He founded B&B Concept international in 1986 and was previously with T.A.C. for twenty-four years (V.P. in charge of hotels). Mr. Larson traveled extensively for business during his T.A.C. years, always keeping an eye out for form from Tibet, Japan, Russia, India, Isfahan and Iran to Capadoocia and Turkey. He studied the architectural styles that characterized the culture of the various areas.

Mr. Larson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Architecture at Minnesota and a Master's degree from Harvard's Graduate School of design. He taught the H.G.S.D. Advanced Graphic Class from 1970-1979. Over the years Mr. Larson has achieved many awards and his work has been featured in many publications. He has won the Rome prize and the Rotch Fellowship.

In 2008, Tom Larson founded Visions for Humanity, a non-profit organization that has developed plans for sub environmentally and ecologically sound housing without sacrificing living comfort. The vision is based on subterranean condos that blend into existing forests, featuring natural architectural elements and offering a carbon-neutral alternative to mainstream residences.

Anne D. Grandin brings to the partnership artistic skills. A painter whose work is in many collections throughout the United States and Europe, she has a unique sense of color and design. Her work is influenced by Native American Spirituality and that all life exists in harmony with one another. Her work is organic and she uses earthy colors that work in harmony and balance with one another. Her paintings are spiritual and based on the Native American Faith Circle. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Art Education from Boston University and previously was head of the Art Department at several local schools. She has done several commissions.

The GL partnership is a blend of art and architecture. Together the GL partnership can solve most artistic needs. For more information, please contact Anne Grandin or Thomas Larson.